Audeme - Polygon/Ethereum Music NFT Marketplace

As the Blockchain tech is growing, We combine Music with NFTs. Founders of this startup thought to solve issues of the music industry with the help of NFT technology. They want to connect concerts to Metaverse and Virtual Reality having more reliable, organised, safe and available at finger tips of every musicians and fans making relevant cost effective solutions accessible to all music lovers.

Client's requirement

  • Website and mobile applications for Music NFT Marketplace and
  • Metaverse combining with VR.
  • Buy/sell/rent NFTs in Metaverse.
  • Concerts in Metaverse using VR.
  • Admin Side

    • Tent Room Development
    • Total Assets Trade Analytics
    • Managing Swaps
    • Concerts in Metaverse using VR.

    User Side

    • Wallet Integration
    • Buy/Sell Music NFTs
    • Rent Music NFTs

    What we did?

      First Stage:-
  • UI/UX design
  • R&D Peer to Peer Assets Swaps
  • Tent Development
    • Second Stage:-
  • Website Development
  • Writing Smart contract of Assets Swap
  • QA Tent
    • Third Stage :-
  • Tent Bug Fixing
  • Testing Smart Contract Functionality
  • Smart Contract Deployment on chain
    • Final Stage:-
  • Final Website Deployment
  • Delivery
  • Technology we used

    • Backend : Nodejs
    • Blockchain : Polygone
    • API: web3.js
    • Frontend : React JS

    Website Link : https://audeme.io/

    Development Team : 1 Manager, 1 UI/UX Designer, 2 Frontend Developers, 1 Blockchain Developer , 1 Backend Developer

    Duration : 3 Months

    Client: Music NFT Metaverse

    Category : Nft Tokens

    Start Date : December 2021

    End Date : April 2022

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