Augmented Reality in Tourism

published :23-09-2019

In the previous Augmented Reality based blog, I have covered all the area where you can implement this technology. Now, I want to drive your attention to one particular area which is “Travel and Tourism”.

augmented reality for tourism representation

Everyone loves to travel and this technology provides a better experience to travelers. According to statista, Augmented Reality market across the globe is predicted to rise from 5.91 billion to 198.17 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2025. Amazing right?


AR is important because it is a kind of constructive tool for all the business. It gives you wings to change the way your customers observes the particular product or surroundings. This phenomenon one can use in Travel and Tourism.


Travel and Tourism business is highly researched business. Customer/User always plan their trip, hotels, and food places. All this done through mobile devices mostly but still customer not getting satisfactory data and information. This is where Augmented Reality comes into the picture.




Augmented Reality is useful for the traveler and travel service provider. Let me tell you how?


Augmented Reality is capable to give the best real-time experience. It interactively provides an amazing search experience. By using mobile phones/apps, one can get satisfactory outcomes and can plan/simplify their trip.


By looking at the big picture, I think this power pack AR (Augmented Reality) will be very very beneficial for the tourism industry.


Just Imagine, you are traveling in an amazing city like Paris and want to visit all the best location, then how, how you can see all the mesmerizing places? I think if you will plan all the places then also there are huge chances that you will miss something best! And here comes Augmented Reality.


Augmented Reality has one feature which is - ViewFinder. It marks the places and provides information about it. This way you can find the best places in a particular area and can visit it.




  1. Interactive Hotel Room Selection and booking: An important aspect while planning a trip is to find lodging and accommodation with all the necessary and best facilities. To get the real experience of this, one can use Augmented Reality which provides a virtual tour of the selected hotel with 3d view. 
  2. Easy access to information: Tourism industry allows to experience, enjoy and explore your favorite places as well as their own culture. With the help of Augmented Reality in tourism, you can select your destinations and activities in a much more interactive way. Because Augmented Reality is available on all the device, especially on mobile phones. For instance, you can find information and reviews about nearby locations, locate Wi-Fi hotspots, and even check a real-time weather forecast.
  3. Providing Real-time Navigation/Offline: It becomes very difficult to travel to a new country or a city where you have no idea about the directions. OFcourse Google map can help you but Augmented Reality can help you a better way by providing real-time navigation. It also can help offline so you don’t have to worry about the data network. For example, you are going for trekking where you will not internet so by using Augmented Reality, you can get the real-time direction.
  4. Easy language translation: Augmented Reality helps you to understand the native spoken languages of a particular country. Using Augmented Reality, you can scan the print material and then translated into your native language. Similar to Google Translate.
  5. Interactive, Virtual tour guide: Before visiting any place, it good to know everything about it. It’s difficult to read all the information and boring too. To make this simpler, you can use Augmented Reality. It provides you with a tour guide on your mobile. You can scan any statue or architecture and get access to the important information about that place.
  6. Access to dining & entertainment choices: Good food is an important aspect to be considered when on a trip. Augmented Reality gives you access to take a virtual tour of a restaurant before going there and also you can reserve a table in advance to avoid long queues. AR helps you experience local tourist attractions, and cultures.
  7. Beacon and Notifications: Beacon works through Bluetooth. This allows businesses and marketers to send push notifications or enable certain functions when people enter a specific location such as a Shopping Mall. One can set the beacon technology and send the push notification to all the visitors in the mall about their shop and their products.

Within hotels, one of the best examples of this has been “Starwood Hotels” using beacon technology to allow customers to unlock their hotel room when they are within close proximity to the door. However, it can also be used to send maps, reviews, menus, special offers or discount vouchers to users at the point they are most relevant.


To summarise the benefits of Augmented Reality, I would like to mention the best Augmented Reality based application,

  1. Gatwick’s Augmented Reality - Gatwick airport provides the navigation facility by installing beacons that would guide passengers through the airport. Now, this app has gone on to win several awards to its application and amazing use of Augmented Reality.
  2. WhiteBread PLC - Uk’s largest hospitality brand - The only hotel in the world with rooms that can be controlled from your wrist using an Apple Watch. Using the hub app and augmented reality, guests can watch the in-room map come alive with recommendations of restaurants, historic landmarks, museums, and galleries right on the doorstep.

India has also started to promote the tourism industry using Augmented Reality. Kerala and Gujarat have started implementing Augmented Reality in the Tourism sector. In Gujarat, high-tech theme parks are developed featuring attractions, rides, and experiences based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. While in Kerala, they have added Augmented Reality videos on their website, featuring the scenic beauty and cultural foundations of Kerala.


Government of Kerala wanted to promote the ancient port city Muziris in Kerala. AugRay with its XR platform proposed an AR/VR solution to implement the tourism platform. AugRay created the Phase 1 of the multiple phases project which included creating the foundation and 360 degrees VR content for about 10 sites in Muziris such as the ancient seaport and urban center on the Malabar Coast of Kerala.


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