As Crypto space is booming, Founders of Metalink want to create a Free mobile crypto mining app and website platform for users.

Their motive behind free crypto mining is to connect middle class People to the crypto mining in an easier form in daily life routine. Metalink is a cross chain compatible cryptocurrency. Metalink does not consume any battery power for mining, that's how it is an eco-friendly mining ecosystem.

Sovereign is a premium 3D collectible for NFT and chess enthusiasts, with utilities and exclusive access to the sovereign community. Sovereign aims to set new standards when it comes to NFT art. In a world filled with thousands of derivative monkeys and anime arts, Sovereign stands at the top with premium 3D art. The Sovereign holder can stack NFTs and get $SQRE tokens and use that token to upgrade NFTs and Buy items from Sovereign Market.

Our client has faced many issues while transfering money from one country to another country. It is time taking and also charing high fees. This way client thought to develop a platform which will make payment transfer easy!

The founder of the company wanted to build a platform where they can connect enterprise clients to the quality vendors.

Our client wanted to make easy dining when you are going in any restaurant with your friends.

Tent is a service that allows users to live-trade native Cardano assets (NFTs, Tokens, and/or ADA). This all happens live in a single Cardano transaction and in a completely trustless environment, as it should.
A tool that allows for seamless and trustless trading directly between users. A tool that simply crafts a transaction between two wallets. A tool you don't even have to trust, since you can transparently see the transaction being crafted directly in your wallet.
No need to wait,trust, send your assets anywhere and pay a share of the trade on Fees. Just connect your wallet, select your assets, approve the transaction, and you're done.

Bulls and bears NFT is a project based on XRPL blockchain which is introduced on XLS-20 which add complexity and security to NFT but we have been able to make it simple and create something which would be greatly enjoyed by consumers. The projects will launch on Sologenic platform and the website is launched with nft domains.

As the Blockchain tech is growing, We combine Music with NFTs. Founders of this startup thought to solve issues of the music industry with the help of NFT technology. They want to connect concerts to Metaverse and Virtual Reality having more reliable, organised, safe and available at finger tips of every musicians and fans making relevant cost effective solutions accessible to all music lovers.

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