As the local city transport is an unorganised sector in India. Founders of this startup thought to solve this issue with their experience in the market and with the help of technology. They want to make same city transport (also known as Last Mile Logistics) more reliable, organised, safe and available at finger tips of every transporter or individual – making relevant cost effective solutions accessible to everyone.

In the era of 'online food order' , our client wants the same thing in saudi arabia. He wants to build a platform where user can order food online from any restaurant and then pickup by themseleves only.

Our client has faced many issues while transfering money from one country to another country. It is time taking and also charing high fees. This way client thought to develop a platform which will make payment transfer easy!

The founder of the company wanted to build a platform where they can connect enterprise clients to the quality vendors.

Our client wanted to make easy dining when you are going in any restaurant with your friends.

Our client works with government entities for managing health data of the rural areas, especially the children from government schools. This helps government to detect any major diseases in its initial level and provide proper neutrition to the children.

Client was looking for the solution which can generate resumes or cover letter for the user but with good design. Resume Design was the main concern of client and it was the main challenge for us.

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