How to start a project and achieve a deadline?

published : 03-20-2020


I was always talking about the new tech stacks and how to implement it but right now I faced one important thing and that is "How to start and analyse any project so that we can meet a deadline and can prevent the rework".


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Most of the developers can not see the importance of the whole project, they just take one task and finish it without thinking if this task will affect other modules or not. Such situations are very critical when you reached the middle of the project and realized that Oh God, this is not what we want. That's why every developer need to understand this because there is not any rule that only PM (Project Manager) need to do this.


When I was studying, we had one process - "Software development life cycle" and I was thinking, oh this is waste of time and not useful at all just because I have never applied it practically. But when I enter into job life, I understand how much important this is to build any project and complete it successfully.


According to me, one should need to follow these points before starting any project,


Understand the scope of work and goal of the project


Initially, you need to understand the whole requirement and need to think every module very clearly. Also, you need to understand the goal of the project. It will help you to focus on what the client intends to do with the software. In the end, you need to satisfy those goals though some cool or difficult features you need to implement.


Make a rough sketch (flow) and define modules-submodules


Once you understand the complete requirement, you need to confirm it and imagine the complete flow. It will give you the best idea about what needs to do and what is missing. So first, make a sketch or genuine flow of a complete project. After that, divide the whole project into modules and submodules so you can predict the risky modules and easy modules. This is one of the best ways to define the timeline!


Choose the appropriate integration system


Identify what, when and how submodules need to interact. Need to find out what 3rd party need to integrate and how you will define and manage all the tasks. For that, you need to identify the best 3rd parties to integrate such as the tool for task or project management, authentication services, SMS services etc.


Prepare Project Structure and codebase


You can make architecture very easily after doing all this process. Project architecture defines where, when, and how things will happen in the project. Once it ready, after UI/UX, you are ready to do code and I bet, you can do it very efficiently. You need to define the task and break down the whole project into subsystems. This way you can accomplish the goal of the project accurately.


Make UI /UX


UI is something very important in every project. UI needs to be user friendly and somewhere attractive so user or client wants to use it and satisfy by using it. Also, once you design the UI/UX, you will get an exact idea of how exactly one module should look like and what will be the outcome of it so if something is missing then you can correct it there only.


Project Setup and Start Coding


Project setup is a very normal thing and once it has done on your local system, just go ahead for coding. You would like to do code after doing all these practices because you know the complete flow and in/out of the project.


Modules/Project Testing


PI prefer to do testing of every module when it finishes rather than check it at last after finishing the whole project. Testing is a very important part of software development.


Final Stage - Deployment


Once the project is tested, it is ready to deploy. Sometimes it deploys in segments and based on the user feedback, it will be released as it is or with adding some suggestions in it.

Once the project is deployed, maintenance will take place and provide the necessary maintenance services is the basic thing.


After giving all above-mentioned efforts, if you miss the deadline and can't achieve the goal of a particular project/product then as a professional leader, you need to take responsibility for it. You need to find out the mistakes and learn how to improve it.


There are several reasons to miss the deadline, such as


  1. Lack of proper planning
  2. Improper estimation
  3. Not familiar with technology
  4. Uncommitted stakeholders / Not proper communication
  5. Constantly changing requirement


First three directly comes under you as a developer or PM so if there is any problem with it then you are the one who can solve it and achieve the project goal and deadline.


4th one need, communication. I believe communication is very necessary when you are building a large system. every quarter or every module you need to set up the meeting with team and client to check that you guys are on the same page or not.


5th completely depends on the client. But I would suggest if he/she is not very clear with the requirement then it's your job to make it happen this first. Make documents and make them understand that what they actually need. Once it finalizes, You have to stick with the scope of work and follow it. All the new changes which are not affected the current system - you can build it later.


So the conclusion is:


Preparation is the key to progress and achieve a deadline. When you are prepared, you will able to give your best to clients and projects. You are confident in your skills and actions you are taking for the project. As a lead developer or Project Manager, you can handle all the issues or tough features wisely and effectively if you are following all above-mentioned steps, why?. Because you know exactly where, what, when and how to do and execute.


It's never late to start so apply this and I hope you will become master of this!


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