Metalink - Blockchain EcoSystem

As Crypto space is booming, Founders of Metalink want to create a Free mobile crypto mining app and website platform for users.

Their motive behind free crypto mining is to connect middle class People to the crypto mining in an easier form in daily life routine. Metalink is a cross chain compatible cryptocurrency. Metalink does not consume any battery power for mining, that's how it is an eco-friendly mining ecosystem.

Client's requirement

  • Mobile mining facility for Metalink Cryptocurrency
  • Admin panel to handle the operations - Decentralized chatting and browsing features
  • Mining Rewards
  • Windraw Funds
  • Mining Notifications
  • What we did?

      First Stage:-
  • UI/UX Design
  • Website Development
  • App Flow Chart
    • Second Stage:-
  • Admin Development
  • Metalink Coin Mining backend
  • Multi level Reward and Withdraw Funds
    • Third Stage :-
  • QA Admin/User App
  • Bug Fixing
    • Final Stage:-
  • Delivery
  • Technology we used

    • Frontend - ReactJS
    • App:- Flutter
    • Backend - NodeJS
    • Database - MongoDB

    Website Link : https://metalinknetwork.com

    Development Team : 1 Manager ,3 Frontend Developers, 4 Backend Developers

    Duration : 2.5 Months

    Client: Metalink Network

    Category : Full stack mobile and web application

    Start Date : 2.5 Months

    End Date : 2.5 Months

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