How Progressive Web App Development helps you accelerate your development?

published : 20-08-2019

When mobile comes in our mind, we think about iPhones, Android, Windows, and Blackberries. Mobile is not much useful without applications and building a native app for each one of these platforms sounds like an expensive venture and time taking process.

progressive web app


To make this app development very simple, Many have tried to make it hybrid and now only a few players left on the market, building a single codebase for iOS, Android, and the web is still a dream that many would like to see brought to reality.



A supporter of native app solutions claims that the cross platforms are not providing that user experience and could never replace apps written with Objective-C and Swift for iOS, Java, and Kotlin for Android. But, nothing is impossible or tough, if you choose the right platform or tool, these claims are no longer valid and avoiding the idea of native app development makes perfect sense for small/medium business.


And for this, one of the best thing is PWA - Progressive web apps. A more lightweight alternative to Hybrid Apps— these are also regular Web apps, but instead of relying on third-party platforms and plug-ins for access to native features, they make use of modern browser APIs.




The thing about PWA is that those apps are not visible in app stores, so choosing this approach will lose you this specific traffic channel. On the other hand, PWA doesn’t leave the Web, so you can easily share it via URL. As a result, you get a highly performative Web-mobile hybrid—adjusted to all kinds of devices, fast, and installable. It can also be accessed offline and is capable of sending push notifications.


PWA based apps deliver a good user experience and this is the best alternative if your website is accessed frequently using mobile phones. The second (or third, or fourth) time a visitor enters your website, they receive a prompt suggesting they add the website to their home screen. Then it looks just like an app.


Support for PWA is currently strongest on Android/Chrome, while the iOS/Safari user experience is still sub-par. Apple is currently working on implementing support of certain PWA features in their ecosystem, however so far there have been reports of less-than-ideal implementation on Apple's side.


According to Google, Progressive Web Apps provide 3 criteria,

  • Reliable - Load instantly and never show the downasaur, even in uncertain network conditions.
  • Fast - Respond quickly to user interactions with silky smooth animations and no janky scrolling.
  • Engaging - Feel like a natural app on the device, with an immersive user experience.



TechNomads suggest to create a PWA, If you run a frequently visited website like news or an e-commerce platform, event website, or education-oriented portal. Also, if you need a fast and performative website with great UX then one should definitely use PWA.


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