Project name

Remittance platform like wise.com

How it all started?

Our client has faced many issues while transfering money from one country to another country. It is time taking and also charing high fees. This way client thought to develop a platform which will make payment transfer easy!

Client's requirement

  • Platform like tranferwise which will give easiness in payment transfer
  • Admin panel which is complicated and we have to build it scalable
  • Solution

    We have built an Admin panel first with UI of user platform so we and client both can understand how this is gonna work. We have to provide them best and easy way for the manual bank transfer, credit/debit transfer and we did it.

    What we did?

  • First, we create an architecture of whole platform and brainstrom the ideas to make it as simple as possible.
  • Then we started to design Admin panel which was challenging for us becuase payment transfer needs high security and we were creating backend of platform.
  • Once basics of the Admin panel was ready, we configure it with front-end web and started using it like a user. This way we understood that what kind of problem user can face and we need to resolve it before actual user face it.
  • After applying all test cases, we finally got web and admin ready in fully funactional mode.
  • After that, in just 35 days, we were able to built native mobile apps for this platform
  • For the Credit/debit card transfer, we integrated Stripe payment gateway.
  • Admin Panel

  • Add/edit/delete country
  • Add/edit/delete bank accounts of this platform accross the world
  • Add/edit/delete platform fees
  • Add/edit/delete user
  • List of transaction with current status
  • List of Verification proofs to validate before transfer
  • Revenue of platform
  • User web/mobile app

  • Country and amount selection
  • Add receiver or select receiver
  • Upload verification proofs
  • Reason to transfer money
  • Select option to transfer - Manual bank transfer / Credit-debit transfer / Zelle transfer (USA only)
  • Track transfer
  • Profile
  • Notification
  • Technology we used

    • html
    • css
    • Backend - Laravel
    • Database - MYSQL
    • Frontend - Laravel
    • Android - Java
    • iOS - Swift

    Project Info

    client: Remittance mobile application like wise.com

    Budget: USD 10000 - USD 15000

    Category: Full stack mobile and web application

    Date: 03 August, 2020

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