The Sovereign - Solana NFT Staking

Sovereign is a premium 3D collectible for NFT and chess enthusiasts, with utilities and exclusive access to the sovereign community. Sovereign aims to set new standards when it comes to NFT art. In a world filled with thousands of derivative monkeys and anime arts, Sovereign stands at the top with premium 3D art. The Sovereign holder can stack NFTs and get $SQRE tokens and use that token to upgrade NFTs and Buy items from Sovereign Market.

Client's requirement

  • Minting Engine
  • Stacking and Upgrade Mechanism
  • Mining Rewards
  • Custom SPL token Creation
  • Opensea Launch
  • Whitelisting of Buyers
  • What we did?

      First Stage:-
  • Asset Collection Filtration ( Images + JSON )
  • Creating Candy Machine V2 on Devnet
  • Creating Minting Engine
    • Second Stage:-
  • Getting Snapshot of Holders
  • Metalink Coin Mining backend
  • Start minting Custom $SQRE Token & Distribution
  • Start Developing Stacking Mechanism
    • Third Stage :-
  • Start Development of NFT upgrade Mechanism
  • End of Stacking Mechanism
  • Start development of Token Battle Game Backend
    • Final Stage:-
  • Testing All things on Devnet
  • Deployment On Solana Main chain
  • Delivery
  • Technology we used

    • Backend : Rust, Typescript
    • Blockchain : Solana
    • API: web3.js
    • Frontend : Vue JS, React JS

    Website Link : https://thesovereign.co/

    Development Team : 1 Manager, 2 Frontend Developers, 3 Blockchain Developers

    Duration : 3 Months

    Client: The Sovereign k

    Category : Nft Tokens

    Start Date : June 2022

    End Date : In development

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