Video Conferencing Applications - Technology at it's best during covid-19

published : 05-26-2020


During this pandemic time, people are getting connected virtually. Covid-19 has taught how to use technology the best way and get output from it too. Everyone working from home and using “Video Conferencing apps” to stay connected with each other. There are many applications or software are available to do video calls and share your ideas or presentations.


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Many companies have developed their own “Video Conferencing Platform” or “Virtual Meeting Platform” for the security purpose and also to sell it in the market during this crisis.


Let’s take a look at the basic features of the “Video Conferencing Platforms”,


  • Video Call
  • Screen Sharing
  • Virtual Hand-raise
  • Chat
  • Polls
  • Meeting Record
  • Mute participants
  • Electronic Whiteboard


If you are looking to build a video conference platform then above mentioned features are the basic things to think about.


During this time, Zoom is the highest demanding platform due to its feature of “multiple people can join the video call” and controversial due to some security purpose. That’s why many large companies have built their platforms such as Google.


Google has built “Google Meet '' for G-suite users which we discuss later below. Let’s review the best “Video Conference platforms” below,


  1. Zoom

    Available for: Android,iOS,MacOS,Windows,Web


    Zoom is one of the best group call platforms. Once you install the Zoom on your PC or Phone, you can do free one to one video calls with no time-bound and group calls with up to 100 people as long as you can’t talk for more than 40 minutes. Zoom has paid plans also which let you chat with up to 1000 users at once.


    Most important thing is, Zoom is a reliable platform. If your internet is not working properly then Zoom typically will keep your video going, though reduced quality level sometimes or else you can off video if not needed that much. You can record all kinds of calls and do chat with each other, either group or individuals. Screen sharing is available just like Skype, also you can choose to share the whole screen or just one application which you are running.


  3. Google Meet

    Available for: iOS, Android, Web


    The best feature of “Google Meet” is its deep integration with Google’s other apps. Whenever you create a meeting using Google Calendar, you will get a link and on just click, you can join the call. In the middle of the call, you can find the files from Google drive and share in the chat. You can directly start the call from your Gmail inbox too.


    One good feature is “Live captioning”. The captions work very well in the English but can’t detect the other languages spoken on call. Google Meet is struggling with large group calls, however, it works gracefully and doesn’t degrade the calls like other apps. Up to 100000 participants can join the call via view the only mode which is best for “Education or Learning”. Participants can only see and hear whoever is hosting the call.


  5. GoToMeeting

    Available for: Android,iOS,MacOS,Windows,Web


    GoToMeeting is the part of LogMeIn’s family of video conferencing apps which let you meet with your team and also can broadcast a webinar to the thousands of viewers. If you are Public Speaker then this is a completely suitable platform for you. You can schedule the meeting online and using the GoToMeeting’s app, you can join calls, share screens and present your thoughts to the audience.


    The best thing is you can create a custom link for your meeting. This is a useful feature when you are inviting people outside your company or doing publicly available virtual events such as a webinar. Also, you can select to schedule a recurring session or start a one-time call only.


  7. Join.me

    Available for: Android,iOS,MacOS,Windows,Web


    LogMeIn offers another Video call tool which is join.me. It is a bit like GoToMeeting but perfect for the occasional call. If your client wants to do a quick video call which doesn't need any screen share then this is the best tool to use. Because without downloading this, you can use via the web only and do a quick call from the browser.


    If you do a call using the desktop app then you can share your screen and annotate too. Same with mobile phones.


  9. Cisco Webex Meetings

    Available for: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows


    One of the leading manufacturers of video conferencing hardware, Cisco Webex Meetings is designed for large-scale collaboration. This platform has all the features which you would expect from the video conference app.


    Best and Amazing feature is the “Virtual Whiteboard”. Once you start the call, you can share your screen as a blank white space and use the wide range of sketching tools, text, shapes to collaborate. Also, you can separate the whiteboard “pages“ and view them, navigate them using thumbnails. The best part is everyone in the call can use the whiteboard at the same time.




Covid-19 has changed a lot and forced everyone to stay at home. But above mentioned “Video conference apps” can help you to connect with your audiences. Though if you don’t want to use above mentioned apps and want to do your branding or data security then you can think about your own “Video Conference platform” and we will help you to guide you and build it for you.


For more inquiry about the development of “Video Conference App” please reach me on anandi.sheladiya@technomads.in


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